Saturday, May 8, 2010

Café du Trocadéro-Banana Split.

My cell phone rings, "Lets go for a jog or walk at Bois de Boulogne." Annie Veniere my perfect body pilates instructor suggests.
"I just finished an hour long walk...." I replied. "But let's do something this evening?" I asked.
"Sure", she agreed.
We meet at one of my favorite cafe's in Paris, Café du Trocadéro, where we discover 4 ways to enjoy a banana split...

The View! I could sit here all evening....although, I wish that tree were not so full.

Annie looks away at the thought of a banana split for dinner.
(Let's count the ways to enjoy it...)
Ah, a nice smoke...
(1. then, eat it right off the plate)

Annie's idea of a great photo!
(2. eat it with your fingers)

The waiter joins us.... He explains, it's called "Banana not Banana." I still don't know what the banana is called...
(3. let the waiter help you eat it)
Why let anything go to waste...

(4. just eat it from the napkin!)

Does everything just seem like fun in Paris...or is it just the joy of eating a banana split for dinner with a pilates instructor that makes it so much better?

After one year of blogging (Today) I am so grateful for taking the courage to follow a dream in my heart and completing one year of blogging with a wonderful banana split and a great friend at Café du Trocadéro.

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