Saturday, May 22, 2010

Catching Up with Life in Paris.

Once again I feel as if I am trying to catch up with life. Meanwhile, I will catch up the blog by writing to remember a few things that have passed.
Manuel was his name.
The Funeral was on Wednesday.
He committed suicide.
His family of 3 was the only family at his service.
The neighbors in the building were there for the family.
They needed our strength. The wife he left behind empty, his daughter, weak and thinning, cried until exhaustion, and could barley stand, and his son, empty...left behind.
They needed our strength.
I still expect to see him in the lobby when I leave the building.
The lobby is silent and empty.
I wish the word did not exist.
Please don't do it. Please don't hurt yourself.
Your are loved more than you realize.
Hope does exist. Please get help.
Hold on for just a day at a time.
You are not alone.
I would say.
Suicide. Go Away.
I wish the word would go away and let the loved ones stay.

With a dark cloud overhead, the past few days also included, catching up with UPS: A distraction for a while, Running all over Paris to Track down a UPS shipment of Books. Adrian wrote all about here:
What's up, UPS? Are we poets and just don't know it?

A wonderful dinner in Paris with a friend has also come and gone...No time or energy to blog about it...

Le Fontain de Mars. was a definite 5-Yum Rating!

Catching up with life, includes blogging about just Hanging out with a friend along the Canal on a Saturday afternoon.

A relaxing afternoon has come and gone, but I'm sure there will be more!

Flea market browsing too...over the weekend.

Just hanging Paris.

Catching up with the other side of life in Paris, still includes trying to figure out how to make a "Real Life" in the City of Light.
Maybe I'll figure it out...or maybe this is "It".
Maybe there's really nothing to catch up with after all.
Maybe this moment is all we really have anyway.

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