Monday, May 3, 2010


Where did the sunshine go? Today was rainy and rained all night last night too.
So much for the warm Spring welcome in Paris.
Most of the afternoon was spent inside my apartment working online...My "Things to Do" pile is mounting up and I wonder how I will catch up with it all in one week. (TGIMonday!)

On top of it all, Inspired by my friends Ana and Patricia, I've decided to learn how to cook 3 really good dishes to entertain friends at my apartment "Parisian Style".
1 Chicken Dish, 1 Salmon/Fish Dish, and 1 Steak or Beef Dish.
Roasted Potatoes, Wild Rice, Green Beans and a Salad will be the sides to "master".
Dessert will come from a local Parisian bakery...
Taking it slow, I started with the roasted potatoes only. They would have come out perfectly if I took them from the oven before they burnt and stuck to the pan. I think I'll put off learning to cook until next week.

And what about my love life?
"Pierre (my old friend)" I said when he called. "I think our relationship is over. Terminé. "
"Nooo, nooo. Never!" he said in French. "Our relationship has changed. It is special, but it will never be over. C'est la vie. "
"I understand." I replied.
"I will meet you on the Champs Elysees, for dinner and perhaps we shall go to the cinema tonight, if you like." he added.
"Not tonight." I said..."It's Cold."

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