Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Magical "Date".

Sitting at the Double Fond Cafe with Pierre-Yves, I wonder, is this the third or fourth date? and again, Is this a "Date"? What's it called?...I wonder. The French don't have a word for "Date" except meaning a date on the calendar. - I think too much.

I've lost count already of how many times we've been "out", but each time seems more and more special.

After the May Day Picnic at Place des Vosges, we found ourselves at Double Fond Cafe, one of the Premier Cafes for Magic in Europe. I have absolutely loved magic, all my life! and it is beyond me, how we ended up here, unplanned. - I won't think too much about it.

I'm still not sure where this friendship will lead...although I can almost hear a certain friend thinking out loud: "In his bed, Florence! He's a French man, that's where it's leading!"

We'll just have to wait and see...- Maybe I should really think about this.

Double Fond Date?

View from another French "Date".

Time will Tell.

He's single, never married, no children, not too young and not too old, employed, kinda cute, has an apartment and a car (a car in Paris is a plus!), he reads books and writes...alot. (reading and writing are things I like in a man...he's a journalist.) He's friendly, his parents are still married (something we have in common), he's French, hmm...and, he does NOT smoke!? Whaat?! - What do you think?

If it sounds Magically to be too good to be true, it usually is...Isn't it?

At the end of this "date", he asks in English with a charming French accent: "Perhaps you would like to have another picnic with me alone, on Tuesday in the Park where I practice my guitar?" I stand still wondering where did someone this charming come from? but I say nothing.

"I can bring my guitar if you like." he adds with a smile that makes me smile. "Um, Tuesday? Okay. Sure." I say feeling as if I am inside a dream...Time will tell.

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