Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st Picnic at Place des Vosges

May 1st is the French Worker's Holiday/Labor Day. Traditionally, many people on the streets are either carrying or selling small bouquets of the fragrant flower, Lily of the Vally, called "Porte-Bonheur" in French which literally means Bringer of Happiness. The small bouquets seen everywhere, represent the hope of seeds and crops planted in the Spring.

The afternoon was planned by a short email from Adrian:

Meet at 1 p.m. at Place des Vosges
May 1st
Bring goodies to eat and drink
and invite friends...
See you there.

And from that simple email, we all met for a wonderful May Day Picnic on the park square inside Place des Vosges.

"and invite friends..." I couldn't resist inviting my new French friend Pierre-Yves.

"Cheers to Spring!"


Beginning of Picnic.

Mid Picnic.

End of Picnic.

Pierre-Yves and Me.

According to French photo laws (and Pierre-Yves), I must have permission to post photos of other people. This was confirmed just as I took the photo of the police woman informing our group that alcohol was not allowed in a Public Park. Then she warned me nicely not to take her photo. We quickly threw away the 7 empty wine bottles and continued the day.

Despite the friendly officer shutting down our wine supply, May 1st was a beautiful day shared welcoming Spring in Paris.

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