Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Somethings Gotta Change!

Jogging through the beautiful, calm and peaceful Bois de Boulogne, taking photos, thinking about my first year in Paris, and one year of blogging. I realized like the path around the lake, my life and this blog are headed for one big circle.

It's a beautiful, wonderful circle to be on, and doing a few laps wouldn't be a terrible thing, especially since this is Paris, but I've never been consistent. My life is consistently inconsistent. Something has to change.

The only thing consistent will be Paris. Paris is my life. Paris is my Dream.

I've decided I will only blog about adventures, changes, or anything new and off the track of my first blog year. In the future, looking back, how many times will I really want to read about jogging, the Louvre, French lessons and the French-English Conversation groups?

Another jog...
Another beautiful path.
More trees.
Another taste of Spring.
Another part of the trail.
Another park bench.

Been here. Done that. Sometimes my blog is boring me. Somethings Gotta Change. My Blog has Gotta Change. My Life has Gotta Change.


  1. WE are NOT bored by your blog. I understand you not wanting to blog mundane every day things anymore, but for us not living in Paris, it was as if you were taking us along for the wonderful daily ride. I am very bummed you are no longer going to be blogging daily. :-(

  2. Okay...just for you, because I've known you since we were 12 years old!(actually I was 11 you were OLDER lol)...I'll try to blog "often"! Then again, you could just bring your butt out here!! Check out this site for cheap flights:
    My French friends use it.

  3. I understand you might be tired of writing the "mundane" everyday life in Paris, but that is exactly what we, your fans, that want a life like yours, live for! You can't let us down!!

  4. THIS is why YOU are my best friend!! :-)

  5. Florence, I agree with the other commenters - your blog is not mundane or boring to me! Especially considering that I am living in Paris and getting to know Parisian life vicariously through you. Please keep blogging away. Thank you.