Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Celebration in Paris (Bad Idea.)

This Photo is NOT in Paris.

"What would you like to do this evening?" my new friend Pierre-Yves asks me on the 5th of May.

"Today is Cinco de Mayo!" I reply. "Let's celebrate at Fajitas, my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Paris."

"What is Cinco de Mayo?" Pierre wanted to know?

"What?! You don't know?! It's a big celebration, with parties and parades." I explain.

"Okay. As you wish. Let's Celebrate." My friend Pierre agrees.

At my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Paris, I ask the waitress in French, "What is Cinco de Mayo in French? Can you please explain it to my friend?"

"Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican Army's defeat of the French Army. We don't Celebrate this in France." She explained politely.

Pierre-Yves looked surprised.
I looked stupid.

We enjoyed a great Mexican dinner on Cinco De Mayo.
Pierre did not pay for my dinner and I may never see him again...

Note to Paris Dreamers: Do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo in France!


  1. Hilarious!!! WTF? Girl -- you are crazy.

  2. What the heck were the French doing in Mexico anyway? Am I the only one that didn't know this?

  3. I hope your reasons for never seeing Pierre-Yves again are not because he did not pay for your diner?!? That would be disturbing and a bit backward for all those strong, independent women out there who DO NOT NEED A MAN to pay for their way....gurrrl!

  4. hahahahaa! That's what I love about you Flojo! Too damn cute!!
    Victoria (LG)

  5. I knew! Full disclosure: I'm half Mexican. LOL.

    What is your favorite Mexican resto in Paris?

  6. oops...can't believe I left that out! Fajitas!

  7. I love Fajitas! The owners are friends of a friend of mine.

  8. Oh that was too funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Thanks for reading TinT...I have a Belgian friend who lives in Germany who did not know about V-Day (or VE-Day) the following week. I did NOT go to Germany to celebrate with him!! So, I'm getting better...Good luck with your transition. Check out if you need help with Paris housing.