Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shopping on Sunday?!

Shopping on Sunday.

"What are you doing?" my French neighbor asked surprised as I entered the lobby of our apartment building with 5 grocery bags.
I looked puzzled by the question and wondered what she meant.
"Shopping?! Are you shopping?" she asked, just as puzzled as I seemed to be by her question.
"Yes." I smiled and answered. "I've done too much shopping."
"On Sunday?! All the shops are closed on Sunday. Where did you find a shop that's opened today? she wanted to know.

Yes, it's true all the grocery shops within a few blocks of our apartment building are closed on Sunday, but if you're willing to walk past the closest metro stop, on a Sunday, there's one grocery store that is now opened.

"The shop just past the metro." I explained - now understanding why the 3 French customers in line at the checkout each asked the cashier about the store hours.
"You are just like an American to shop on Sunday." she laughed.

"Yeah, almost a year in Paris, and I'm still an American." I thought to myself with a smile, as she helped me get my bags into the elevator.

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