Tuesday, December 8, 2009

French Waiters.

Today during Adrian's apres-midi, Afternoon Social. I wanted to know if the waiter was serving hot red wine. He insisted I speak to him in French.
"Je voudrais du vin rouge chaud. S'il vous plaît." I said.
(I would like a hot red wine. Please.)

"Voulez-vous parler français avec moi?" he replied.
(Would you like to speak French with me?)

"Oui". (Yes) I said.

"Voulez-vous parler français avec moi, ce soir? Okay?" he replied.
(Would you like to speak French with me tonight?)

I laughed.

"Quatre euros cinquante." (Four Euros and Fifty Cents) he said as he served the wine.
"Ce Soir." I replied.

"Yes, yes, okay. Please, give me your telephone number." he said in plain English.
I immediately searched inside my purse while he waited eagerly and guest at the table watched patiently as I handed him...
Four euros and fifty cent.

"You almost made quite a deal there." one guest whispered in my ear.
"My phone number or 4.50 euros?, I think it would have been a better deal for him." I replied.

The waiter smiled, held on to my hands, kissed me on the cheek and said "Beautiful. You are Beautiful."
I must admit, I will miss the French waiters when I return home for the holidays.

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