Monday, December 7, 2009

Just out doing laundry...

I decided to do laundry late in the evening and took a few photos as I walked around the block during the 20 minute dryer cycle. Luckily, the weather is not extremely cold, so the walk was pleasant.

Sometimes it's actually a nice thing having the laundry outside the apartment when it encourages an evening stroll.

Ah a canopy of Holiday Magic blankets overhead.

The City Hall of Levallois.

I love the blue lights.
Quite side street.
This makes me think of a mini Champs Elysees.
Just out doing laundry in the evening in Paris is a nice experience.


  1. You can leave your laundry in the dryers and it's still there when you get back?

  2. Your neighborhood looks so lovely at night! I love cities at night, all the lights, and people moving at a slower pace, actually noticing their surroundings, enjoying the evening and one another. I like the night when it's alive and bathed in light.

  3. Kristin, OMG, YES, you can leave laundry, detergent and the laundry bag from Bed,Bath & Beyond and it's still there when you return! LOVE IT!!

    Sandra, OMG, Paris during the holidays is amazinly beautiful!! Thanks for posting your comment. I love hearing what the readers think!!