Monday, December 14, 2009

Leaving Paris-Canada-Denver to Las Vegas.

Never book a 20 hour flight itinerary! (hmm, unless there's a "techical stop".)

Leaving Paris, the ticket agent tells me there's a stop in Denver, Colorado. "No." I reply. "My flight is from Paris, to Canada then to Las Vegas." I show him my printed itinerary.

"I'm sorry, but you will have a technical stop in Denver. It does not show up on your itinerary." "$#:!*", I say in French.
"Yes, I agree. I'm sorry, it will be a long day for you Madam." the ticket agent says apologetically as he hands me my boarding pass, takes my baggage and somewhere in the transaction, no baggage claim ticket is issued (which I will desperately need when my luggage is missing in Las Vegas.)

Boarding Air Canada, Paris.
In line, waiting to board for a looong day ahead.
Lunch in Canada.
"Technical?" Flight Crew from Canada to Denver.
"Technical Stop in Denver"

"Were you in the military?" I ask the pilot. "No. I'm a Lover, not a Fighter." he said with a smile, as he gave me a "look". "Hmm." is all I could mange to say as visions of this 'Lover' filled my mind. I glanced past him to admire the modern cockpit, lights and controls. (alot has changed in the cockpits since I have flown as a private pilot years ago.) The flight was long, I was tired, but his eyes were still on me. Was he waiting for more words?
Tired, hungry and no make-up, believe it or not, after living in Paris, I could not flirt back. I took a few photos and departed the plane.
The 'technical stop' from Canada to Denver was not so bad after all. Paris to Canada to Denver.
Las Vegas, is next. Here I come for the Holidays.

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