Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a few doors down.

More to love about living in Paris. Just a few doors down, outside my apartment; waiting, morning, afternoon and evening are delicious Fresh pastries. Baked daily, sometimes I think these places are quietly attempting to make us obese.

Somehow, everyone seems to practice moderation, naturally.

This will be Saturday Morning's Treat with Coffee Tuiles Amandes (Almond Tiles)
The door is always opened.
Just one roll out of bed and wonderful pastries wait, just a few doors down.


  1. O.K You just used the words "Paris," "apartment" & "pastries" in one paragraph...I'm a little jealous right now! LOL

    Love the pics. The pastries looks soooo delicious!

  2. The only thing that would stop me getting fat (or fatter) living so close to your bakery would be my embarrassment at having the staff watch me buying too many pastries and getting fatter.

  3. After living in France 6 months I realized how much weight I had gained because I was eating those lovely pastries every day, and as any French women knows, you must enjoy those types of pleasures in moderation! I am lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area which has great bread, but a good pastry shop or a good croissant is hard to find. Sometimes when my husband and I REALLY want a good croissant, we will drive almost 3 hours to a little baker who is from Alsace and we will have a croissant and demi-creme and pretend we are in Paris!

  4. Thanks Park Ave, Sandra and Andi for writing. It really is hard for me to practice moderation in a French Bakery. If I buy it, I'm gonna eat it...all! So I try (real hard) to only buy one, two or three pasteries at the most!! Of course if I had to drive almost 3 hours, I might stock up!!