Saturday, December 12, 2009

One More Dessert...Until I Return.

I remembered to take a photo of dessert only after my friend reminded me that I was leaving soon and took out a cell phone to capture the moment. On this chilly evening, I enjoyed the best Beef Bourguignon ever. It was so good, that between every bite, I couldn't help humming, hmm,hmm, HMM! (an annoying habit I'd forgotten...just pops up when I'm having a really, really good meal.Hmm!)

Everything is last minute now as I am try to squeeze in appointments and rendezvous before leaving for Las Vegas.

We enjoyed such a wonderful dinner, I forgot once again, to take a photo of the small black, one serving cast iron pot with the shiny brass knob on the lid, holding the best, most tender Beef Bourguignon, potatoes,and vegetables I've tasted.

It's is a restaurant I will definitely return to and blog the name. That is, if I decide to continue this blog after the holidays. I wonder if 6 months will be the end? Sometimes, the blog is always on my mind, taking photos and picking up restaurant cards, other times, the moments must be just "lived". This was one of those moments to "Just Live".

Dessert with a Friend.

Dessert, Holidays, Paris, Friends...Wonderful!


  1. This is my first time viewing your lovely blog and you are correct in "Just Live" and enjoy your wonderful life in Paris. How Lucky you are.

    I haven't read everything as I am simply surfing the net. Continued good luck.

    Ann- New Orleans

  2. Also, I like the view from your window. What a great view of Paris.


  3. Thanks Ann for your comment. Although it's very simple, free and pleasurable, sometimes, I still have to remind myself to "Just Live." Happy Holidays and Happy Surfing to you!

  4. I know this is a selfish request, but I hope you keep blogging when you return from Vegas. I truly enjoy reading your blog, more so than most expat blogs.