Friday, December 18, 2009

Ronda's Big 4-0 Birthday.

She thought her husband was taking her out to a nice quiet dinner, but SURPRISE, he arranged for all her friends, family, co-workers and others to share her special day!

I wonder if husbands like hers are rare? He reserved the entire penthouse lounge, with spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip for her 40th Birthday Surprise celebration.

Happy Birthday to Ronda.

The Lounge.

Birthday Girl and her Husband (Darryl).

Me and my Brother-in-Law (Las Vegas Mogul Extraordinaire!)
My Older Sister and Me.

Ronda's Cake, Cake and More Cake!
View of the Las Vegas Strip from the terrace, after just one drink...

Food, food, and more food.

Party People.
Parties in Vegas are nice. Everyone speaks English, which is wonderful, and I still absolutely Love Paris. I must find a way to live, party and work (not in order of priority) in Las Vegas and Paris!
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy Ronda's wonderful Surprise birthday party.

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