Friday, April 30, 2010


I wonder how much the French spend on all the public flowers?
The beauty of Springtime in Paris is easy to capture on a walk through the city...
So I take more photos of Spring.

"Spring?!...What about your love-life and your other friend Pierre? Not the one you just met?" my friend still wants to know about men in my life.

"Hello Florence, this is Pierre. I want you because I love you." is the simple message left on my cell phone.

"He still calls..." I tell my friend. "But if I'm going to have a relationship, I want a real relationship, with true love that really means something." I insist, it's either that or nothing.
"That kind of relationship does not exist." my friend replies.

"Okay. I will write that in my blog." I sigh.

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  1. How perfect these pics are...the best time of year!