Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paris "Bar Scene" with The Internationals.

Judy promised she would "train me" on how to be a "Bar Fly". This was one of our "Training Sessions".
"First you must learn to show up solo." she explained the week prior.
"I could never arrive at a bar...alone." I protested.
"Sure you can!" She encouraged me.

I did it! I arrived at the bar "solo", although nervous and almost turned around twice before arriving. Even though the entire Internationals Meetup Group was there...including Judy, there's something just plain scary about entering a bar alone...even in Paris.

After seeing a few familiar faces and meeting new ones, the night was fun filled with drinks, food and laughter. I suppose the "bar scene" in Paris is alot like any other "bar scene"?

Share your thoughts and similarities of the "bar scene" in your city?

In the end, all the pictures, names and faces become one big blurrrr.

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