Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Spiller.

These are photos from the evening. Somewhere in Paris. Judy and I had fun, but for some (undisclosed) reason, just looking at these pictures gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseous...all over again. My head is spinning.

The Bartender. We think he's the bar owner. He pours the drinks, (then yells for a towel for the bar and a cloth for the floor. ) Explanation to follow....
Cute Algerian men. (with wet feet). Judy is wearing her buttoned up coat, because her blouse is on the bar.
(explanation later...)

The Bar.

A French man from Toulouse, holding two drinks (and one arm is completely wet).
(Explanation later.)
"The Spiller."
She reaches across the bar to pay for two drinks while knocking them both over at the same time. Splashing Judy's entire blouse in the front while a French man from Toulouse gets his arm soaked trying to catch the glasses before they hit the floor and wet 2 pairs of Algerian shoes!
"The Spiller" stands in shock, without a drop of red wine on amazing American woman.
A few minutes later, after returning from the ladies room, Judy's blouse is in a plastic bag on the bar. The French man holds a fresh glass of red wine for "The Spiller".

Who are these guys with wine soaked shoes?!

Who's drinks are these?
The outside crowd.
The inside bar flies.
Judy promises to teach me how to become a graceful "bar fly" in Paris.

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