Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coupe du monde - World Cup.

Europe is rubbing off on me, seriously. I cannot help watching the World Cup "Football" Games now. (althougth, it's still "soccer" to me...)
Saturday, my friend from England and I arrived at a random restaurant/bar in the 17th Arrondissmont to watch England vs the U.S.

Since the games only last 1 and half hours and scoring is simple, one goal, one point, it's easy to stay engaged...and remember the score!

The final score tonight was 1 - 1. "A Draw" as the Europeans say, and there was no disruption in our friendship.

Watching Coupe Du Monde at a Random Restaurant/Bar in Paris.

We arrived early to get "good seats".

To see the schedule, visit one of many links:

How's your team doing? If you're watching let me know!

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