Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Il n'est pas trop long mademoiselle?

"Are my pants too long?" "No, they are not too long."

As I walked into the French Retouches (Alterations) Shop, the attractive older French woman turned and looked at me. Her pants were being pinned by the shop owner as he knelt at her feet.
She asked him in French, "Are they still too long?"
"No, madam. They are not too long." he replied in French.

Then she turned to me and asked sincerely, "Il n'est pas trop long mademoiselle?".
"No, they are not too long." I replied in French. "And they are perfect with those shoes." I added, also in French. "Okay." She said with a smile.

I was having a lousy day...nothing was going good and to top it off the strap on my favorite little black dress ripped in the washing machine, which is why I was standing there in the Retouches Shop.

The French woman had given me a huge compliment, just by turning to ask my opinion. I have always admired the style of French women and here was a stylish French woman having her stylish French clothes altered and she wanted to know my opinion! That was Compliment #1.
She asked me in French! (I don't look like an American Tourist) Compliment #2.
She called me "Mademoiselle"! Ah, I still look somewhat young! Compliment #3!

Who knew, the words, "Is it not too long, Mademoiselle?" could brighten up a day!

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