Monday, June 14, 2010

After School Photos. What's Not to Love?

Once again taking French Lessons every day at L'Atelier des Langues (The Language Workshop). I like the neighborhood in the 17th arrondissmont and decided to take a few photos of the area.

The School.
Cafe across from the school.

Just around the corner from the school.

RER Train Tracks (not the metro).
Lovely Neighborhood.
A random sidewalk cafe.
Charming and Quaint.

"What's not to Love?" I ask each day walking to and from class?


  1. Coucou Florance,
    Ici c'est Iandra.
    A jolie arrondissement. Ce lá que tu habites maintenant?

  2. Are you kidding me? No blog post for OVER a month. We are starving out here. We need to hear what has been going on. HELP!!