Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Special Soiree Dinner for Carole D. Fredericks.

Patricia and Connie.

The Guest Speaker for Patricia's Sunday Dinner Soiree was CONNIE FREDERICKS MALONE
Sister of the late celebrated Parisian singer CAROL FREDERICKS.

Connie's mission is to promote the musical legacy of her sister Carole Fredericks.
To hear Carol's beautiful voice that still lives on, You MUST visit the site below:
(adjust your speaker volume first...)

For more information,
Please visit:
Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc.

Special Friends: Patricia (her dog Eve, Connie, Me, Sharon and Luc.

Me, Patricia and Sharon a "Belle-Mère" .

Connie sings.

Micheline (French) and Judy (Australian - my classmate in evening French lessons).

Me, Patricia, Sharon, and Germain (from Cameroon).
I can only end this blog post by saying, just another wonderful evening in Paris surrounded by good friends, good food, drinks and fun...

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