Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Livin' at the Luxembourg Gardens of Paris.

Life gets better (in Paris) with each day...A wonderful afternoon in the Luxembourg Garden, after the French-English Conversation Group.

The Luxembourg Palace was built for Marie de Medicis, the mother of king Louis XIII of France,in the years 1615-1627.She decided to build the palace in imitation of the Pitti Palace in her native Florence. She purchased the hotel du Luxembourg (today the Petit-Luxembourg palace) and began construction of the new palace. In 1612 she planted 2,000 elm trees, and had a park built also in the style she had known as a child in Florence.She hired the same guy who designed the Tuileries and the early garden of Versailles.

Today, the Palais du Luxembourg in the Luxembourg Garden, is where the French Senate meets and is home of the president of French Senate .It is near the site of an old hôtel particulier owned by François, duc de Luxembourg, hence its name, now called Petit Luxembourg.

This is where we spent simply a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in Paris..."Just Livin'"

The Wednesday afternoon Parler Parlor Conversation Group.

Luxembourg Gardens with a Friend.

Palais du Luxembourg

Ponies in the Park.

"Just Living."

Luxembourg Palace.

I don't know why I love the following 2 signs..."Keep Off the Grass."

"Sit on the Grass."

Today was a beautiful sun shiny day. Happiness and Joy embraced me!

"Ching, ching." say the French, to a perfect day in Paris with a wonderful friend.
Today was a great day to "Just Live" in the Luxembourg Gardens for the afternoon...


  1. Hi,
    I believe it's "Tchin Tchin"
    Best regards.

  2. Ah, just sounds like "ching, ching" when he says it. lol.