Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catching up to Tomorrow.

Today was a full day of little accomplishments to catch up with everything that needs to be done. Part of this Thursday evening in Paris consisted of drying towels for one of Adrian Leeds apartments in the Marais. Then walking past the crowded (yes, even in the rain) sidewalk cafes with nicely folded fresh towels to return to the beautiful luxury apartment.

Don't ask me why such a small task gave me a good feeling of knowing some unknown guest are going to enjoy these nice fluffy towels on their visit to Paris...ah, too bad they won't still be as warm as they are now.

Even a task so mundane as drying towels is a pleasurable experience in Paris. (Okay, do I need a real life or what, because I am totally serious!)

Yep, that's it, Dryer number 15...round and round.

I entertain myself during the 16 minute wait by taking a self photo of the inside reflection.

Outside in the Rain again,....but it's Spring Rain in it's just fine.

Walking Past the Cafe People.

Overhead heat lamps, fresh towels, is there more to life?

Walking past another Cafe in the Marais.

Love the Afro on the wall...had to take a quick photo before dropping off the towels and then enjoying a nice semi-home made dinner in the Marais.

That's it for this Thursday in Paris. With all the things accomplished today, "I'm almost caught up with tomorrow..."

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