Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Message to Me.

I'm using this space to hold a message I received today, from a Source that does not know me personally. This message came to me like the words of the lady who said out loud, while standing next to me at the metro, "He's asking you to have Faith."

I'm finding these "Coincidences" to be kinda strange, as I go with the flow~~~of the River of Life, holding on to nothing more than * Faith.

The Universe tells me: "Let Go. Have Faith".

The Message------(the words below are cut and pasted from an email sent to me)------

Affirmation : I acknowledge past emotions and make way for the new, rejuvenated self to be revealed.

It is time to realise that the suffering, frustration, pain, distress that you are feeling is, from this point on, of your own doing rather than someone or something external to you. It is time to realise that in order to relieve your suffering, there is a need to accept that there is nothing more you can do in the situation, and that the only way for things to change and begin to heal and improve is to be willing to emotionally let go and move on.

Things can be better, there is something (or someone) that would be healthier for you out there. But you have to be willing to let go, move on and move away from the present person or situation, and move towards that which will be better, happier, healthier, rather than waiting for it to come to you and sweep you up and away from the current situation.

By continuing to try and fix, save or salvage a person or situation, you are simply going to be bringing about for yourself a greater and greater sense of being emotionally drained, with nothing left for yourself, let alone the other person or the situation. This is not a healthy state for anyone.

It is time to recognise that, from this point forward, you are exacerbating your own suffering.

Are you willing to let go ?
Are you willing to move forward and get on with your own life rather than trying to fix or save someone else’s ?

Recognise that whatever the situation, that the change or whatever it is that you are waiting for, is beyond the point of happening, that ship has sailed. It’s not easy, and it’s likely painful - as a decision and an action - but in the long run, ....... it will be for the best and we will be moving to a happier, healthier state of being if we are simply willing to let go and put behind us that which is now drained of possibility for salvage.

Stop clinging.
Stop holding on to that which simply is not there.
You can’t squeeze water from a put down the stone and walk on to where there is the needed and sought after rejuvenating and refreshing water rather than continuing to go thirsty to the point of drying up inside and emotionally wasting away to nothingness.


  1. Girl - you are such a European.. you're even beginning to spell like one "realise vs realize" LOVE IT.

    PS. leave it to me the writer to notice such a mundane thing!!

  2. Florence, this and the post right before about the lady in the Metro who talked about having faith, are absolutely incredible. I'm right with you on this.