Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doing Nothing in Paris.

It is possible to "just be" and do nothing with a friend on a Saturday afternoon, and that's what we did today in Paris.

After a nice lunch, and strolling through the streets with a friend, we found a park to do nothing...along with others.

Even Nature was doing nothing.

The flowers...doing nothing...

Later we strolled to Canal Saint-Martin do more of nothing while the bridge turned to allow the cruise boats to pass through the canal locks.
(click to enlarge and see others doing nothing along the edge of the canal)

The Canal Saint-Martin was dug and built from 1802 to 1825 after Napoleon ordered a water supply into Paris for health and other reasons. It was funded by a new tax placed on wine.

Even the boat seemed to do nothing, while waiting for the locks to fill with water.

A wonderful Saturday afternoon of doing nothing in Paris...

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