Sunday, April 25, 2010

A French Man's Preference at Patricia's Soiree Dinner.

"Florence, we want to hear about your 'Love Life' in Paris!" my friend demanded after reading my last few "I want to just Be..." blog entries.
...And so I write:

"Excuse me, would you mind passing me the wine?" I asked the French man sitting next to me at Patricia's Dinner Soiree.
"Yes, okay." he replied with a smile as he poured wine into my glass and watched as I tasted it.
"Is zeet Fresh?" he asked with a heavy French accent.
That's a strange question, I thought to myself as I nodded yes.
"A Rosé wine is always good when it is fresh.." he explained.

After small talk, I moved across the room to talk to a friend I had not seen in a while.
The French man moved across the room and sat next to us. We invited him to join our conversation as my friend was venting about having no electricity in the outlets of her Paris apartment, blow drying her hair using a compact makeup mirror over the kitchen sink, and being single, as the French say "Tout Seul" (All alone) in Paris.

"Hey, this French man is kinda cute?" I whispered a hint to my friend after her rant.
"Yeah." she agreed, seemingly uninterested, as she got up to look for more wine.

"Would you like more wine?" The French man asked me.
"Sure." I replied, just as my friend returned with her glass refilled.

"This is all that remains." The French man said as he poured the last bit of Rosé wine from the bottle into my glass.
"Doesn't that mean something in France when you have the last wine from the bottle?" I asked.

"Yes. You will get married this year." He said casually with a smile as he put the empty bottle away.

His name is Pierre-Yves, he's célibataire (single), tall, kinda cute, French, and a journalist. I like his French accent when he speaks English and he has a quirky smile that makes me smile.

After more conversation with my friend and Pierre, I wanted to move around the room.
"I am going to talk to other people. Do you want to talk to other people?" I asked Pierre-Yves.
"I would prefer to talk, only to you." he replied.
"Hmm..." I thought, as he continued, "What are you doing next week...?"