Sunday, April 25, 2010

Patricia's Dinner Soiree with Miles Marshall Lewis.

Miles Marshall Lewis is the kind of brilliant young man that makes you literally want to write his parents a Thank-you note for bringing such a beautiful human being into this world!

Tonight he held Patricia's Soiree guests captive as he read from one of his three published books and shared insights on being a "Black-Bohemian B-Boy from the Bronx", experiencing life and raising a family as an Expat in Paris.

Miles and Patricia.

Miles and Me.

An Interview in Paris.

The room was packed to hear Miles.

Everyone listened intently.

Randy (owner of one of the first Barbecue Restaurants in Paris), Miles, Kehinde, Me.

Patricia's always seems to attract some of the most intriquing guests in Paris and tonight was no exception.

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