Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Dinner and Dessert with Friends.

After Friday Night Pilates class, we headed over to Heather's fabulous Paris Apartment in the "Swanky Upscale" 6th Arrondissement. It's so inspiring see beautiful apartments in I think "Ah, one day...I will move out of my tiny studio..." For now, it's a great consolation to be able to spend time with wonderful new friends in beautiful surroundings, sharing good food, fun, conversation, laughter and good wine!!

Florence, Heather, red wine, white wine, artichoke, shrimps and cucumbers.

Adrian...yes, she just snitched a shrimp!

mmm...Healthy appetizer platter after pilates.

Pilates instructor, Annie with the dessert plate...Crazy fun personality.

Pilates must really work. She ate half the desserts and still looks AMAZING! Read more about her classes (seriously) here:

Fridays are so much better when shared with friends, dinner and dessert...oh, and a good wine!

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