Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter (Part 2 of 2)

"Am I late?" I asked Carol arriving at her home in the Paris suburbs on Easter afternoon.
"Not at all!" She replied. "We're still waiting for the children to finish potting the flowers, before the Easter Bunny arrives." she said.

"Oh, I saw the Easter Bunny at the metro. He told me he was waiting for some children to finish a project." I mentioned to her.

"Oh wonderful! You must tell the children what you saw." she told me. "Practice your French and explain to them in French what you saw." she said.

"J'ai vu le Easter lapin au métro, Et il vous attend à la fin des fleurs." I explained to the children.
"Quelle couleur est le lapin?" They wanted to know.

"Uh, What color is the rabbit? Well he's...uh... Il est blanc avec un rouge nose." I said, explaining that he was white with a red nose of course!

I don't think the children really believed me although they still hurried to finish potting the flowers.

Easter evening was spent finishing the garden, helping the Easter Bunny hide and lay his candy eggs, great French-English Conversation, a wonderful dinner prepared by Carol's husband and friends, great wine, too many desserts, laughter and meeting more new friends that feel like family in Paris.

...although, NOTHING beats Mom's Traditional Easter Dinner of Standing Rib Roast, and all the trimming in Las Vegas!...mmm, I can taste it now., this experience was truly wonderful!

Happy Easter to Friends, Family and Paris Dreamers!

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