Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Second French "Date".

He looks me in the eye and reaches over towards my right ear. Is he going to kiss me?...It's too soon.

He gently take a small feather from my hair, smiles and blows it away in the wind.

I wonder how the feather landed in my hair, and does it only seem like a romantic gesture because he's a French man removing it and we're in Paris?

It's our second "date". It's only drinks...again. So I wonder if it's really a "date"?
He tells me he plays the guitar. Then leans closer and begins to sing softly in my ear as the piano player at the cafe plays a familiar French song.
"Oh my God! Stop it right now!" I insist as the French words roll smooth and deep from his lips in perfect harmony with the piano.

"What?" he asks with a smile. "What is wrong. Why do you say that?" he wanted to know.

"Pierre, imagine that you are an American girl, in Paris, sitting next to the river Seine at a beautiful cafe, in the Spring, with a French man sitting next to you, singing softly in your ear. In French!!" I reply recovering from chills and a half melted heart.
He smiles and takes another sip of beer.

Second "Date".
View from Second "date".

Full Moon...Romantic walk back to the metro.


More Romantic...Paris.

The end of the evening walking towards the metro, and he casually puts his arm around my waist.
"I'm not comfortable walking with your arm around my waist." I tell him nicely, thinking I've only known him for three days.

"As you like." he replies, removing his arm quickly.
We arrived at the metro and kissed on both cheeks. "I shall like to see you again." he said as we went our separate ways.
Hmm, I thought...


  1. How about a picture? Or is Pierre camera shy??

  2. No picture yet...but he's kinda cute. Just imagine a nice, kinda cute French guy...and there you have him! lol!!
    I'll call you this weekend.

  3. You are being wooed! How wise for you to take it slow and savor the experience. And kinda cute guys are the best. No pretty boys for me!