Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Once in My Life.

Our last argument was a French-English misunderstanding over the word "Cafe" (which means Coffee in French).

He invited me to join him and his friends for lunch. I sent him a text message back, saying I was with friends and asked him to: "Meet me at my Cafe" and we would go from there.
He thought it was ridiculous that I would ask to meet for "Coffee" when he had invited me to have lunch with him and his friends.
We argued via cell phone text message, and have not talked for a few days.

Today we met over lunch, talked about it, I apologized for not understanding French better, then we laughed as we usually do.

He explained that he expects me to "excuse myself" from friends when he calls or asks to meet.

"I need to be free from you." I explained, looking up from my laptop which I brought with me to work during our lunch. He has too many complex rules and regulations for our High Society French and Ex Military American relationship.

"When you have a minute, I have something I want you to look at." he said in French pointing to his computer.

"Do you need help with your computer?" I asked in English.

"No, when you are finished. Come here." he said in English, with not much emotion, as if he were in deep thought.

As I walked over to his computer, he gently put his arms around me, and played a DVD...in English.

"This is my song to you. I sing this song for you." he said with a smile, staring into my eyes.

After listening to a few verses, I quickly pulled away from him. "No!" I said. "Stop it!"

For once in my life, I must be honest with myself and others at the same time.
This is not a song for me.

It's true, I need a few people in my life here in Paris, but not so much to sing a song about...yet!

The truth is, For Once (more) in my Life, I NEED to BELIEVE I will receive God's Best for me...(to be continued)...

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  1. "He explained that he expects me to "excuse myself" from friends when he calls or asks to meet." WTFO? Is he SeRiOuS?!? AArrgghh!!!!!