Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Lovely Après-midi in the Spring.

"Ah, Lovely, Beautiful, Yes!" the friendly French waiter said as he handed my camera back, after eagerly offering to take a photo of Annie and I this morning.

"No!" Annie said as she hid behind my scarf. "I'm not wearing any makeup!"

This morning after our 10am Pilates, class we celebrated my 1 inch of belly fat loss...(in Paris! this is NOT an easy thing to do! ) Somehow, I don't think it really matters how Lovely and Beautiful we actually looked in the photo captured by the friendly waiter...

"Lovely" Annie and "Beautiful" Smaller Belly Me.

Pilates Works! 1 inch smaller...

After Pilates, it was off to Adrian's afternoon Apres-Midi gathering, held on the second Tuesday of each month. I can hardly believe another month has come and gone.

On the bus, looking out at the colors of Spring on the Trees.

Seriously seductive French Pastries...it seems so unfair to have to walk past these works of art!

Fresh fruits are now everywhere, on every street...it seems!

Mmm, I can smell the fresh pineapples half a block away!
But, I have to say "No Thanks." to fruit sugars...for now.

Regina (a personal friend of Adrian's ) and Me.

At last, I arrive at the Apres-Midi gathering (check out Adrian's link of today, to see more photos)...and this is how I want to look when I'm 70+ years old...All natural , beautiful, and chic.
Apres-Midi, another wonderful afternoon in Paris...in the Spring...


  1. 1 whole inch! Girl that is awesome! Keep up the good work. Also, love your hair in the picture of you by yourself.
    Keep up the pilates... I've heard it can transform your body completely if you stick to it.

  2. OMG...losing an inch in Paris (surrounded by all the amazing breads, sweets, and food stuff) is like losing 12 inches in the States!!...okay...I exaggerate a little...but 3 more inches and I'm going to enter the Miss America Contest!! lol!

  3. p.s. I kept cutting my hair shorter and shorter, and still did not really like it, so I just "bought" some new ones (for now)...Thanks for the compliment!!

  4. Florence, congratulations on your inch loss! I don't know if it's the inch loss or the Pilates in general, but you look great. You just look happy.

  5. Paris + 1 inch loss + Exercise = "HAPPY"!

    Thanks for your comments...It's nice to know there are others enjoying Paris with me!!