Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life is Good...Even After a Text Message Argument.

Do you ever feel like EVERYONE has a such a wonderful life....EXCEPT you?
(Yes, I felt that way today.)

Today after a text message argument with Pierre...(yes, it is possible to argue with a French man via text cell phone messages. ) I return to my apartment, still angry, to check email, facebook and blog messages only to find that everyone else seems to be having a wonderful life...except me!! Here are a few photos, received as proof!

My Niece...having FUN at her school play.

My younger sister and her "Petit Ami" on a cruise....Having FUN!

My older sister is picking out wedding cakes for her December wedding!

My friend Kristin is picking out her wedding gown! Included with the message below!

"I tried on this one, and it was so beautiful....."

Another Happy message and photo from my neighbor and friend in Florida.

"Hey Flo! How are things in gay Pariee?? Things are more insane than ever here at GAY SUNBAY!! lol!! On a positive note though, I'm getting married May 1st! Hope you're doing well!...."

There was even a message from my French Instructor, Alain LeLait in Colorado Springs, sharing that he has launched his new French CD!, Espadrilles...he's such an Awesome guy, with amazing talent...I'm going to buy his CD and listen to his wonderful songs, while I enjoy a glass of wine after arguments with Pierre.

but..., If I get one more piece of good news, (3 Weddings, a High School Play, CD Launch and a Cruise!?) I'm going to SCREAM!! I mean really? Does it get any better for all my friends and family after I have a bad day? (lol!!) Life is Good isn't it.

Pierre won the text message argument in the end, but I won the joy of knowing that there's so many more wonderful things to share in my friends and family have shared with me!!!

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