Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Apartment in Nice

A Perfect Location in Nice

Our apartment in Nice is simple and cozy, We share the downstairs area and the boss gets the upstairs loft area with a stunning view of the Opera building which is even more fascinating lit up at night.

The apartment had a few basic features that were just plain missing or otherwise inconvenient. For example, the beautiful large window with the stunning view had absolutely no window coverings. No shutters, no blinds, no sheers, no curtains, no nothing to cover the window period.

A Beautiful View

Returning to the apartment after our first evening out, we stood in awe at the beauty of the architecture and statues which were lit up at night. Adrian exclaimed excitedly, “Let’s turn off all the lights so we can see it even better!” as she hurriedly flipped off each light we had left on in the apartment. We were absolutely amazed as our apartment was lit up by the show of architectural beauty. “How beautiful!” she said. “It’s a good thing we like it.” I replied, “because we’ll be looking at it all #@^&%* night!”

We laughed at the realization that there was no way to close out the light display glaring into the completely exposed apartment window.

I stared at the fascinatingly lit architecture until 2 am, when either the monument lights went out or I fell asleep. I don’t remember which came first, but will always remember the wonderful little apartment in Nice.

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