Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday afternoon Monaco

After touring around Old Town Nice in the morning, shopping, laughing and scoping out real estate, it becomes increasingly apparent that when Adrian switches to business mode, she exemplifies an amazingly well rounded and focused entrepreneur.

After shopping, joking and laughing, she warns me about the afternoon, saying, “Okay, Florence, I need to stay focused during the meeting in Monaco.” I look at her puzzled, suddenly feeling like a younger sister tagging along with her older sister to someplace important. "Why is she talking to me about focus?" I wondered. “I need you to keep your mouth shut.” She clarifies the statement. “Oh, Okay, I reply. Just nudge me under the table, if I forget.” knowing silence in Monaco will be difficult. “I don’t think I will be that subtle.” She confirms the warning with a laugh, although it's understood that she's serious about business.

Views of Working in Monaco...

During the business meeting, it was an honor to be there at the same place were Hollywood celebrities, producers, models, and the rich and famous met. Sitting in the meeting, I kept my mouth shut except for a few smiles at the well groomed men working on the yachts.

“So, what about you Florence?” I heard Adrian’s business colleague ask. I smiled and looked at Adrian in silence. “She’s been warned...” Adrian laughed. “Uh, I’ll have a Coca-Cola Lite.” I replied breaking my silence. As the meeting continued, I listened, learned, ate and enjoyed the views.

Following the meeting, Adrian's colleague took us on a walking tour of the 'Country' of Monaco.

...a wonderful Sunday Afternoon in Manaco.

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