Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Evening at the Louvre

"Hello Florence, I know you've just returned from Nice, and perhaps it's too late, but would you like to join me this evening for a lecture I am presenting to my students at the Louvre tonight?"

It's a call from my 'mentor', Carol who is persuading me to become an intellectual researcher. She's a PhD professor at the University of Paris and an author with a passion for History. A semi-personal lecture at the Louvre, for free? "Sure." I reply.

"Great, I will be lecturing on the symbols of Power during the Mesopotamia period followed by paintings of Napoleon." she explains.

"Now look closely at each sculpture, who were the artists, how was this created? what does this depict?, why?, when?, where?" Carol asked her students several intriguing questions as she explained each artifact in wondrous detail.

"Look now at each painting. What is the story? Look at the brushstrokes, look at the postures of the individuals. Notice the colors....." she continued to lecture.

The more Carol explained the history of the sculptures and paintings, the more I wanted to learn. Every moment was interesting and fascinating which made the 3 hours fly by as if it were only 30 minutes. I'm sure I will visit the Louvre more often after all.

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