Monday, September 28, 2009

Come to Marseille...

"You're kidding right?" seems to be my usual reply to invitations that seem so wonderful in France.

"No, no, I'm not kidding. Of course you are welcome to come to my home in Marseille..." I hear in reply to my question. "I'm flying down, but be sure to book your return train for 10 AM, so we can travel back to Paris together."

And just like that, once again I'm going to spend a few more days back down in the South of France, this weekend. At least this time, there's more than 2 days to pack.

For my younger sister, who seems to think that Nice is located in Spain, and the French Riviera is in Italy, I must clarify that Marseille is actually located in France, about 3 and a half hours (by fast train) south east of Paris on the Mediterranean Sea.

I also promised her I would include myself in more photos, after her comment about my Nice photos, "...don't 'cha want people to see that you were actually there?"
She says the cutest things. "Of course I was there, I took all the photos!" I thought to myself.

Here are just a few reminders from Nice as reasons to look forward to visiting the South of France again.

Photo taken by as I stood on the balcony of an apartment for Sale

(makes a great screensaver, if you'd like to feel like 'being there')

a nice day in Nice, taken on a walk to to beach...

another photo taken standing on a different balcony of an apartment for Sale in Nice

Ahh, the Mediterrian waits for a return visit. Memories of the cubical world, timesheets, vacation leave hours and a government job are fading quickly as I transition into a new relaxed and free way of Life.

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