Wednesday, September 9, 2009

French Lessons at Lutece Langue School

Studying French each week at Lutece Langue...

View from Lutece Langue Balcony

Wednesday lessons at Lutece Langue are going great so far. Today, we talked about food! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We laughed hysterically as the instructor described the difference in the way Americans have coffee compared to the French.

Christine, our French instructor described Americans as walking down the streets, driving cars, and shopping with gallon sized cups of coffee from Starbucks in one hand, while the French drink tiny cups of coffee in small cafes...sitting or standing in one place. As I laughed at the comparison, I had to admit, I was laughing at myself too. If I could afford the splurge and if I could find the source of a large "to go" cup of coffee in Paris, I would have a cup in my hand walking down the rues of Paris. No such "uncultured" luck for me.

Our French class has 5 students, (3 Japanese girls, 1 Brazilian woman, and me). One Japanese student explained that she eats corn for breakfast. We laughed about the fact that the French consider corn, a vegetable for the animals, and it is not common as a side vegetable in Paris, although they will sprinkle a few kernels on a salad.

Lastly, our instructor explained that there is an obesity problem with French children 11 years old and younger. She said, French doctors say it is because of the American influence of eating chips, sugar, fast foods, like Mc Donald's, and the mothers are not cooking anymore. (what about the fathers?)

All the discussion about food and Mc Donald's, inspired me to conduct "research" after class. Is it really true that my beloved McDonald's could be the cause of an epidemic?

(Just in case you don't know, I absolutely love a McDonald's cheeseburger, small fries and a diet coke...every now and then. It's my drug of choice for whatever ails me.)

After class is over, I must do research at McDonald's...
Research Facility

McDonald's Research Subjects

The Children seem to be happy....

No Signs of Obesity at McDonald's

Further research may be needed...

Research Sample...Small Frites, Cheeseburger and Cola-Lite

Conclusion: Thank goodness there are a few American influences in Paris. Further research on the obesity epidemic at McDonald's will be necessary.

It's a pity to eat at McDonald's when there are so many, many wonderful cafes, restaurants, bistros and fine dining everywhere in Paris, however I must have a McDonald's "fix" at least once or twice a month...C'est la vie!


  1. Really neat post you have here about your experience. I couldn't agree more with your research conclusion!
    I am considering taking a class at Lutece Langue this June. If you don't mind me asking, how was your experience in general there? I'm doing my best to gather some reviews before I actually apply, and right now, it's looking good!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lutece Langue is a charming, cozy language school. I enjoyed the small classes, because you get to know the instructor. And there are converstaions groups held on the weekends, so you can practice what you are learning.