Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling Bored

Life seems to follow a circle. I wonder if the 3 month point is when life in Paris ceases to feel like a perpetual vacation and begins to feel like, 'Just Life.'
"And then what?", I wonder.
Will life fall into a boring routine? even in Paris?
"Not likely." whispers from somewhere.
"Will there be more Adventure? Success? Love?", I want to know.
Silence, answers "Be Still."

Monday, newsletter.
Tuesday, French Conversations Group.
Wednesday morning newsletter and French Lessons, afternoon Conversation Group.
Thursday (new French lessons)
Friday...no more conversations with Luc.
Saturday, Conversation Group.
Sunday, Patricia's dinners.

This life looks boring to me tonight.
"Life is What You Make of It." I hear in a soft whisper echoing back.
(to be continued...)

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