Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do You Speak English?

Rushing through the metro station, I was late for a meeting, which is becoming increasingly normal. I'll set another goal to be on time or early. I think to myself.

Just as I'm running up the stairs, I see two women staring at the large metro map as if they were trying to memorize each stop. As I hurry past, one woman catches my eye and asks: "Excuse me, do you speak English?"

I slow my pace for a minute to reply quickly, in perfect English, "A little bit."

The woman looked surprised and happy to hear my reply. I on the other hand just looked surprised to hear my reply. "Uh, I mean, Yes, of course I speak English!...I'm sorry." I corrected. We all three laughed at my reply for the next few minutes, as they complimented my English while I gave them perfect instructions on which direction they needed to travel.


  1. I am the one always asking "Do you speak English?" The answer I've heard for the past 3 months is always, "A little bit." What can I say...? Thanks for your comments!