Friday, September 4, 2009

Qu' est-ce que cest? What is this?

A beautiful rainy Friday morning in Paris. The rain is cool, cozy (if inside), and refreshing. Hearing the sound of the rain this morning, I thought about catching the metro to the Eiffel Tower, just to walk around it under my umbrella and smile inside at the thought that I actually "live" here.

The tower will have to wait. I decided to do a load of laundry and walk through the local market instead. Of course I took a few photos of all the "interesting" food stuff that made me wonder, "Qu' est-ce que cest?" (What is this?). At the same time, walking through the fresh food market also gave me a wonderful vision of one day being able to point at strange ingredients, call them by name and buy them in French; then return to a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with wonderful sun shiny views, wooden floors, and a large kitchen to make a great French meal for my visiting friends and family.

But today, I will have to settle for taking photos and wondering, "Qu' est-ce que cest?"

Note: I also decided to change to blogger's newest editor, which is supposed to be new and improved. I can't figure it, and the pictures are added on the Right, which I also can't seem to add text under....ugh. Lastly, anyone should be able to leave a comment, without needing a blog account...I hope someone will try that feature out, if you've been unable to leave a comment in the past.

For now, I just posted the photos, no captions. So you will just have to stroll and browse silently, just as I did this morning....


  1. OMG... all that fabulous cheese. I was also browsing today at 96th and Columbus at our newly opened Whole Foods -- however, your display of foods beat what I saw -- somewhat :-)
    Love it!!

  2. Ohhhh, I miss Whole Foods, where I can read and understand all the lables! Hope you got something nice and healthy! Fresh food markets are wonderful, but there are so many items I don't recgonize here! Thanks for the comment.