Thursday, September 10, 2009

Everything is Alright...

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking one step forward and two steps backward. Will the projects on the To Do List ever get accomplished?

This morning as I began to get dressed, I noticed swim suits still sitting in my drawer, unfolded, untouched. "I never got to go to the beach this summer", never made time to go swimming either. Time is passing by, summer is over, and what have I accomplished? What have I done?

Self Acceptance replied, "Your life is just as it is supposed to be. Everything is alright, just as it is." Calm entered the room and embraced all the unfinished tasks laying around.

"In Life and in nature, everything goes through a process of completion. Is there one thing in nature that is completed immediately? The clouds form, then there's rain. The temperature rises, then the volcano erupts, there's rain before the flood, and a seed before the flower blooms." Calm explained.

I accept where I am in life surrounded by unfinished tasks and begin to work online as usual. An instant message pops up:

"Do you want to go to Nice this weekend?"
"You're joking?" I reply.
"No." pops up.
"Yes." I reply
"Okay, I will email round trip tickets to you."

And just like that, I have plans to go to the South of France in 2 days (this weekend). I'll pack my swimsuits! are my first thoughts.
I immediately stop work to check the 5 day weather forecast for Nice.
Rain. Cool. Not Swimming or beach weather.

I wonder if I can have a personal chat with the Universe about this?
"Everything is alright, just as it is," Calm echos. (to be continued...)

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