Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Inauguration of Le Palace des Vosges

"Don't be so tall... and turn down your bright smile..." Adrian (the boss) laughingly demands, just before the camera clicks for one of the first celebration photos. We crack up. Yeah, she's bossy, but she gets things DONE, which is why we're all celebrating the "birth" of an amazing investment project, completed by a wonderful team led by Adrian Leeds.

Setting up before the party

The evening was perfect. Light pre-dinner snacks were served, music played softly in the background as colleagues, interesting guests, including investors, lawyers, bankers and architects began to fill the "Palace".

Me and Joe (my Military broth'a and ALG Colleague)

"Hey, It's Flo-Joe!", exclaimed THE Rental Manager, just before he took this picture. He's actually a little nicer since his return from vacation.

Patricia Laplante-Collins and me
...another interesting and inspiring woman living in Paris.

Adrian introduces her team and tells the story of Le Palace des Vosges project in a nutshell...

"The Masses"
There must have been at least 1,000 guests looking and listening in amazement...(Okay I exaggerate a little, thinking no one is really reading anyway, but just skimming the photos....)

Adrian, Me and Patricia
If ambition, success, generosity, drive and determination from these two could rub off, I will do fine in Paris...

...a great time was had by more 4-inch heels!

Me and Nathan
Ahh yes, and then there was Nathan, the amazingly good looking French Architect. He talked to me for what seemed like hours. (Okay, I exaggerate again, because I'm almost sure no one is still reading this far, but it was actually more like 15 minutes). I know I just blogged recently about no more conversations with French men, but maybe in Paris this is impossible?!

As he asked me questions, he stared into my eyes, with his head tilted slightly as if my eyes were dark tinted windows of a celebrity's vehicle and he was trying to peer inside. It seems as if the French men want to climb into a woman's soul through her eyes. I can't talk and think clearly with a beautiful man piercing my soul with his eyes. I told him, I had to go and take more photos of the party. He said he wanted to talk to me more...I looked away and smiled when my back was turned.

Later he found me and we talked a little more, I couldn't help telling him, that I thought he was a very attractive man, "uh a very attractive French man.", I added. Duh! huh? Is it obvious or was it just me? He looked surprised and happy to hear the compliment, but asked "You mean you don't find all the French men attractive?" "Only two, and you are number Three." I replied. "Number Three in all of Paris?", he wanted to know. "Yes." I lied, he was actually number One, but I didn't want to tell him I really only knew two French men, one is almost 70 and the other is gay, and the other one really doesn't count. He seemed happy with those statistics, as he wrote his email address on a piece of paper and gave it to me. I gave him my card. I would have given him my whole box of cards if I had them, but Adrian would probably be angry if I asked for to order another 250 tomorrow. Anyway, I gave him one card, and I don't expect to hear from him again, but we did have a nice conversation and I will add his email to Adrian's list of subscribers.

The evening ended with sprinkles of rain as the last few guest left. I pulled out my umbrella as I prepared to leave. The Rental manager kindly offered to immediately buy my umbrella for 2 euros. Of course this would mean, I walk to the metro in 4-inch heels a black skirt and a sweater soaking wet. Maybe he isn't as nice as I thought, but never the less, the warm spirit of the Inauguration will always be present in Le Palace des Vosges.


  1. lol...and oh so French! Thanks for the comment.

  2. You looked great that evening and ditto for Nathan