Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Comparing Myself to You...

Here I go again, comparing myself to you. Why do I compare myself to you when I know that we are not the same?
I cannot be you, I know this is true. You have your life to live and I have mine.

When I really take a closer look and ask myself the truth, Do I really want to be you? The answer is no. Not because I know I cannot be you, but because the truth is, I would really rather be me.

When I compare myself to you, my soul is neglected. Why does it bother to exist inside of me as I long to focus on the soul of another?

My soul stirs inside to get my attention. "Focus on me. The me that lives inside of you." my soul whispers from within, as I look without. I'm focused on him and his, and her and hers. But what about me and mine?

I cannot feel what dwells inside the others, I don't know about his pain or her sorrow. I can't feel the emptiness they hide inside. I can only see the beautiful things they hold outside. Are they real? Is this the truth I see?

Truth lives inside my soul, and when I focus there, I am Free. I find Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness. Freedom left her key inside of me.
Everything I need is within. I see the same for you my friend.

I know that we are not the same, but the same truth lives inside us both.
So why do I compare myself to you?
In the end I see, there's no need to compare the truth.

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