Friday, September 18, 2009

Just in Time for Christmas?

Ah, finally catching up on the blog posts. Sometimes it still feels as if I am chasing after the world and getting NOTHING completed in the process.

The window display (below) is preparing for Christmas, already, in September. They are definitely not trying to keep up with the world, as they are so far ahead. What does it feel like to be 3 months ahead?

After setting a few new personal goals yesterday; this morning feels like the day has begun on the right path towards achievement. One day at a time. Hopefully these new goals and accomplishments will all be in Order just in time for Christmas. (!?)

I wish the same for everyone reading, to accomplish your goals, make your dreams come true, and reach your aspirations during the coming 'magical' time of year.

Now, there's a Holiday Greeting to you all, and it's three months early! Maybe I'm not as far behind life as I thought.

Season's Greetings! (September 2009)

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