Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Anchor on a Yacht

The negative person is a drag. Like an anchor dragging behind a yacht that has set sail on amazing adventure on the seas of Life.

"Come up on your chain and into the boat." we ask the anchor. We're about to set sail and you've done your job of keeping us stable in harbor, but now it's time to come up, dry yourself off, rest and sail with us. Live with us, Laugh with us, Love with us. There's a time for everything on the journey of Life.

The negative person is the anchor that refused to come on board, into the sunshine, onto the dry deck with the others laughing, sharing friendship, love, anticipation and hope for the journey ahead. The weather is perfect. The anchor chooses to stay at the bottom of the sea, in the mud and darkness, dragging behind the yacht, miserable and unhappy, by choice.

We set sail with the anchor dragging behind. The journey would be smoother if we didn't have the drag, but we cannot cut it free to fall further behind in darkness and lost forever. It is a part of the ship, the family, the friendship, the whole. We need it at the next harbor and we need it in the middle of a storm. I wonder what thoughts it uses to justify being such a drag on the yacht for the entire journey carrying friends, family and even a few strangers.

Is it insecurity? What thoughts does it allow to dominate it's existence in the deep darkness? I wonder as I lay in the sunshine. When will the anchor come up from darkness to see the light or will it remain dragging the bottom of the ocean for the entire journey of Life? I wonder as we sail in the sunshine on the journey called Life.

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