Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trompe l' eil Murals and Reality

I've decided to start exercising again, but not running or jogging, just walking. So this morning after my phone session with the boss...I laced up my running shoes, grabbed my camera and started my walk. My neighborhood has several Tropme L' eil (Trick the Eye) Murals all around town. It was only after I saw the third one this morning, that it occurred to me to take photos and share in my blog.

So here are the final three I saw on my walk today.

After turning the corner and seeing these two...I began to take photos

This one includes the brown door on the far left! I almost missed it...

Ahh, and Paris never forgets to share an interesting surprise around a random corner. This is a real accident in the center of the promenade. How fast could this driver have been going to flip a car onto the sidewalk?

I wanted to stay and take more photos, since I was especially interested in whether or not this was a man or woman driving....I couldn't stay because I had a lunch appointment with a former work colleague who is only in Paris for a short time. I wish this were only an Trompe l' eil image...

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