Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Wonderful Friday...Already?!

Friday has come and gone so quickly, it almost slipped past my blog. I started the morning headed back to the office in the Marias, and decided to take a short cut through the park.

A Park in the center of the Marias Neighborhood

I wonder if the children are happy it's Friday?

I love the parks in Paris, there are so many places.... "To Just Be" (Adrian's words)

Leaving the park...almost at the office

After meeting my co-worker to put the finishing touches on our project, we headed for lunch. Almost reminds me of the lunch breaks I shared with my co-workers back at the "Agency", well, except this is Paris...
Lunch with co-worker Julie (I had the Chicken Caesar's Salad)

The Cafe was busy...the food was good...

French Conversation lessons with Luc
Once again, any spot in Paris, especially during a beautiful sunset is amazingly wonderful. After work, this evening Luc and I spent the first 30 minutes speaking only in French. "How was your day today?", he asked in French. "It was nice." I reply also in French....we continued with simple conversation like, What did you do today?, Today I was working and I went shopping. Did you have a good lunch today? What did you eat? I ate lunch with my colleague and I had a salad. What did you buy when you went shopping?....
We sat along the Paris Beach set up next to the Seine and continued our conversation, and just when I thought my Friday could not possibly get any better, a man from a small group sitting in front of Luc and I approached us and asked if I was American. I said, "Oui" (yes), He asked me if I wouldn't mind taking a picture of his group. I said. "No Problem."

A Friendly Group Celebrating a Birthday on the Beach
So how does my Friday get better? The man (not shown in the photo above, but that is his group) later started a conversation with Luc and I. His name is Ronnie and he's a Regional Marketing Manager. So what you say...but wait. Guess what company of all the companies in the entire world he works for? Ah, did you say McDonalds?! Yes, he's the regional marketing manager for McD Happy Meal TOYS!! The most important part of McDonalds (in my opinion) the happy meal toys.
Did you know there are Global Toys, Local Toys, Regional Toys...etc?? Shriek for example is a Global Happy Meal toy, but the little French cartoon character is a Local toy. I also learned that all the toys are created two years in advance by a team of about 10 members.
What a wonderful Friday. How many people can say they know the Regional Marketing Manger for McDonalds Happy Meal Toys? It's not what you know, it's who you know, and I'm feeling really happy to have met Ronnie on a Friday evening on the Paris beach.

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  1. The parks are beautiful, and that chicken caesar salad looks absolutely marvelous. Now who but you could run into a McDonald's Marketing VP? Absolutely perfect!