Monday, August 10, 2009

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend? you ask....

La Defense

This weekend, I met a friend near La Defense for the start of a 2-hour bike ride through the city.
I was complaining that I cannot run, but I needed to exercise. I can feel the excess carbs accumulating around my waist...again.

My friend rented a Velib Bike ( for me and took me riding through the city including some of the most beautiful neighborhoods.


We rode through the French President's old neighborhood of Nueilly. It was amazingly beautiful... it felt and looked like fall as our wheels rustled through the fallen leaves and we cruised the sidewalks and streets in the cool afternoon breeze.

Is it just me, or does every single activity with a French man seem so romantic?

We rode through pictorous round-abouts, that felt like they should be in the country-side.

We rode past a lake where people were rowing...

...and my friend offered to take my picture, so I did my best "Ms Nevada" pose, or is it "Ms Colorado"?, or maybe "Ms France"?, no, c'est "Ms Paris!" Yeah, Oui, that's "Ms Paris" pose (in flats)...

We took a break where French author La Fontaine looks over me and the characters from his story, The Raven and the Fox. Hmmm, I wonder if there's a message in here somewhere. You can read the Story here:

Me and Antonio of PSI Communications posing as Adrian's next House Hunter's International Couple.

The afternoon ended with a dinner picnic at the Paris Beach with Adrian (my boss), a few friends and co-workers. You can read about Antonio's business at:

My other friend, could not stay for the picnic.

We all lounged by the seine on blankets, waved to the tourist, laughed and had a great time until the sun went down...That was my weekend....

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