Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The World Stopped, but I Couldn't Get Off

Today as I went for a walk, I looked around and noticed the beauty of the Paris suburbs. My camera could not capture it all; the coolness of the tree shade on a hot summer afternoon, the silence, the rhythm of the leaves falling softly from trees, the grass growing swift and silent, the world was waiting...

I stood for a moment in the center of the neighborhood with my camera, wondering to myself how could I possibly capture the beauty of it all with such a small camera. I couldn't. So, I just stood there looking around...the world stood still, and I took a few pictures.

Then the world said, "Okay, get off...."

The World Standing Still

"Huh?" I English. "Get off. Remember your wish? You wanted the world to stop so you could get off, collect your thoughts and pull yourself together. Remember?" the World softly whispered as I noticed that everything around me stood still....

Looking to the Right

I looked to the right, and nothing was moving. There was only the beauty of the Paris suburb...everything was waiting...

Looking to the Left

I looked left, which way do I go? How can I leave this beauty? and to go where would I go? How?

The Open Gate
There was a gate, that stood The beauty of the flowers, bushes, trees and nature stood still waiting for me....

A Way Out Through the Treetops
I looked up through the trees which were also standing still. They made a hole towards the sky, as if offering me a way off the world, to go and pull myself back together....

Standing Still and Waiting

I noticed that even the flowers and trees in planters on the street all stood still, waiting for get off.
"Where do I go? and How?", I asked the World.
"Stand still in your mind, that is where to go and that is how. You are already whole and there's no life to put back together. Those are incomplete thoughts in your mind, but you are complete.: the World answered.
"Why do I feel like I am so behind, and like I need some time to catch up?" I asked while the world stood still. "You feel like you are behind only when you compare your life to the life you see of others. Do not compare and do not covet what you see. You have everything you need..." the World replied.
"You are not behind, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your life. Your life is the only life you have to live. Just live." said the World, "Live...and Let Live." echoed as the last words in the stillness before the World started to turn once again.


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